24KV 30:5A Current transformer

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Current Transformer 2_0010

Description:LDZ-17.5 30:5A

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MODEL: LDZ-17.5 30/5A

30/5A Current transformer Specs
Type: Block Type
CT Ratio:30: 5 A
Secondary Nominal Current: 5A
Insulation Level: 17.5kV
Frequency: 60 Hz
No. of Cores: Two cores i.e., one for protection and one for metering
Protection Class& Burden: 2.5C100
Metering Class& Burden:1.6B-1.8
Application: For Indoor Use
Encapsulation Material: Melquid Rubber
Short-Time Thermal Current: Minimum 40kA/1s

Materials available in : Cast-resin and epoxy resin.

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